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Creat 16-02-2017
Owner osrsgold66
Titlu Rewards of killing the Mimic Boss
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Descriere Runescape fans! There is supposed to be a treasure hunter boss named 'The Mimic' released on Runescape later this week. Have you got ready to benefit the most from this boss? The Mimic Boss will be a new boss hanging around for just one weekend and it offers a lot of rewards. So it is wise for you to plan ahead and prepare enough gears and items to make the most of the time-limited boss. If you need RS gold, you can buy Runescape gold cheap on 4rsgold. Mimic Boss is coming later this weekprepare for Mimic boss with cheap RS gold The Mimic Boss is a alive massive treasure chest, and it wants to eat you! You will need to defeat it and get their treasures. There are 4 levels of boss you can fight, with the higher levels offering the best rewards. You can defeat the boss up to 5 times per day, deaths do not count as a failed attempt and you can get more opportunities to kill the boss through Treasure Hunter. To ensure you can complete this task more efficiently, you can gather RS gold cheap on 4rsgold to help you. Rewards of killing the Mimic Boss As a Runescape player, you will get your hands on generous rewards after you defeat the Mimic, such as Tongue Cape, Mimic Hat, Havoc/Malice/Energy/ Shard Weapon Overrides( Mace, Crossbow, Staff respectfully). It is worth to point out that, Tongue cape and Mimic hat are tradable items not overrides (future tradable rares) for 250M gp and 1M gp respectively. However, the mimic hat might slowly drain your health in exchange for better drop chances. So just make sure to gather enough RS gold and prepare enough necessary items with you to ensure you can get these rewards. The Mimic is a time-limited boss, so you should make early plans to get the most of the boss. If you need Runescape 3 gold while preparing or fighting with the boss, you can buy RS gold cheap on 4rsgold. And the good news is that 4rsgold 50% off sale and Spring Promotion for up to $10 off will be available on Feb. 19, so you should take your time to get cheapest RS 3 gold on 4rsgold.
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