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Creat 20-02-2017
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Titlu What do players think about this new feature
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Descriere New design of skillcapes is finally available in game. Jagex also intends to add an option to toggle between the old design of skill capes. It sounds very cool, right? But some think it is unnecessary because it is just an alert for the exiting stuff. If it does so, you might as well buy rs fire capes fast to help you instead. What does new skillcapes look? A hood traditionally bundled with the capes is attached to the cape, hanging at the back. Certainly, you can also detach it if you would prefer to wear it as usual. That’s it! Are the new featured capes that over 85% people expected? Skill capes are iconic rewards for those who gain 99 in a skill. And over 85% people voted for a graphical skill cape update. Players waited around a year for capes rework, and it is just added a hood. What do players think about this new feature? Some RS scapers appraised the new skillcapes with Henry Ford’s words, saying “if I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Jaex is just altering the graphics on already existing stuff, rather than creating entirely new skills, it seems. Along with the skill cape rework, the devs have been working to add an option to allow player to toggle between the old design of skillcapes, which will be live in few weeks. For this ability, there is a poll whether it occurs to either a right click on the cape or SGS for free. But people paid all attentions on the new capes, and had no time to vote. Personally, it is a good option to offer more chances for scapers. But if you want to leave the new feature alone, you can buy buy runescape gold osrs at 4rsgold to continue adventuring.
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