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Creat 22-02-2017
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Titlu There will be many rewards waiting for you
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Descriere Have you decided which god you'd like to fight with? If you do, come to get started now! The runescape second world event-the Bird and the Beast have already started on December 11th, 2013 and will last for six weeks. Are you ready? How to start? Of course the first thing is to decide which god you are going to side with. Once you have decided, you will be able to damage and disrupt the enemy faction no matter inside their camp or not. You may need to note that do not change your side casually. Once you changed your side, you will lose all progress, including personal contribution, renown, golem points, building currency, and votes and so on. Then, you need to gather with your team. Supporters of Bandos need to head to their camp located near the Goblin Village, while Armadyl fans need to head to the Clan Camp where they'll find their tower on the east side. The event will be taken place throughout Asgarnia and Misthalin. You two factions need to send out convoys of guarded caravans and diviners in search of sources for gathering the maximum amount of divination energy. Strategies for you Each vote offers a choice between thematically similar strategies, which will provide you with small changes in your faction’s tactics. Each faction chosen strategies will be added to the event interface as an icon that you are able to hover over the icon to find out more details. You need to note that although you can change the vote at any time, you can only vote for one strategy. The strategy with the most votes at any one time is implemented the active strategy. Meanwhile, if your vote turns the other way, the strategy will change immediately. Also, the completed golems will defend or attack caravans. There will be many rewards waiting for you. You will gain a small overhead icon with buy runescape gold osrs your god’s symbol by joining a faction. When signed up with a faction, you can also receive a bronze token from your recruiter. Good luck!
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