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Creat 06-03-2017
Owner osrsgold66
Titlu Bounty Hunter is a dangerous PvP minigame
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Descriere As we all know, Bounty Hunter was released on 14 November. Many players may play it for a long time. Here are some suggestions of how to stop Bounty Hunter emblem farming. We share them with you in order to give you timely help. Bounty Hunter is a dangerous PvP minigame It's well-known that Bounty Hunter is a dangerous player-versus-player minigame that takes place in the Wilderness. It can be played on two dedicated worlds. One world, 106, is for the Evolution of Combat mode and the other, 97, is for Legacy Mode. Some players complained that Bounty Hunter made the farming skills emblem and don't know how to solve this problem. Now, tips come for you. Suggestions of stopping Bounty Hunter emblem farming 1. Raise the minimum combat level to receive emblem upgrade to level 30. 2. Set limits on the amount of items you can buy per day in the shop. This will stop farmers from being able to automatically cash out on their emblem upgrades. 3. Don't allow multiple emblem upgrades from the same person killed for 1 hour. That's to say you can't kill the same guy over and over to receive upgrades. Actually, only 1 upgrade from 1 separate account per hour. 4. Limit to one tier 10 emblem per hour, and 5 mysterious emblems per hour. Maybe with these updates, it will definitely stop most, if now all emblem farming. Hopefully Jagex will take these suggestions into consideration and make Bounty Hunter more creative and imaginative. Meanwhile, cheap runescape money is also essential for Bounty Hunter playing. If you want to buy cheap rs 3 gold with cheapest price, 4rsgold must the best choice of you.
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