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Categorie Accesorii
Nici o imagine
Creat 30-03-2017
Owner jishuea1
Titlu Doctor Strange
Actiune Vand
Producator Altii
Descriere Department of Neurosurgery surgery expert Stephen Strange proud character (Benedict Coberbach) in a successful career, suffered in a car accident after the tragedy, his hands could not hold the knife, the doctor can not continue his occupation, in order to treat his wounds, he went to Nepal met mo of Baron (Chevat Egafotque), LED by Baron in Mo degree he got old master (Tilda Swinton ornaments) to help. Stephen Lestrange himself once all ego aside, began to contact and learn little-known metaphysics, and knowledge of the multidimensional space of the world. The Greenwich Village in New York, turned the singular Dr. Lestrange, between real world and multidimensional space, to protect the world by supernatural and artifact, and more powerful allies numerous Casillas (max Mikkelsen) a showdown, to save the world is about to collapse the multidimensional.
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