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Descriere 78552.orgidltb St Petersburg, Russia, the evening of 3, the company said on the media, in addition to the day of the explosion of hay square station and Technical College Station, the city has been basically restored the operation of the subway. According to the latest data from the national anti-terrorism Committee of Russia, the explosion has killed 11 people were killed and 45 injured. According to KCNA reported on 3, the DPRK Foreign Ministry spokesman said the world will soon witness the sanctions against North Korea was crushed. A visit to Britain by the day before Saudi general anti war protesters "egg attack", the British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to Saudi Arabia Deputy crown prince Mohamed Ben Salman to apologize. Central India will hold parliamentary election in April 9th, but the recent test of a voting machine is made "embarrassed": no matter which party to vote, voting machines will eventually show cast for the ruling party of India people's party. According to local media reports, the incident spread, two election officials have been removed from their posts, and the election commission ordered a thorough investigation of the matter. Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis, 2, said that at least not at the beginning of Spain to stop Scotland to join the EU as an independent state. Reuters believes that Spain's independence for Scotland and join the EU's opposition seems to be somewhat loose. Recover the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, west of the old city fighting. It is estimated that about 400 thousand of local residents trapped in the city, was extremist organization Islamic state hostage as human shields, unable to escape. The British newspaper "independent" 2 published an exclusive interview with journalist Patrick Cockburn on an old Mosul resident Omar. At the age of 39 Omar seems, now the old city of Mosul as a dungeon. According to the Russian satellite news agency reported that the Russian Defense export company said in March 30th, to actively promote the weapons in the region marketing policy, in 2017 the company will participate in the Mexico Aerospace Exhibition and Columbia Exhibition for the first time. People from the smart Bracelet Wrist to share intelligence on a bicycle lock, from farm seeds, spraying pesticides over the UAV to the restaurant in "Meng Da robot waiter, along with the transformation of public entrepreneurship, innovation and the rise of China economic structure deeply, the concept of smart people," China made fast. Russian media said the Russian President Putin's spokesman Per Skov said on the 31, Moscow Kremlin has been concerned about the research of the enterprise owned by Elon Musk, and believe that the Russian state Aerospace Corp can start matched with the competition. Foreign media said the famous Top 500 rankings show which countries have the world's most powerful supercomputer. The United States has retained its position as a powerful computer superpower, and the Chinese are in the forefront, and Europeans without its technological base can only be used as a vassal of the United states. Western media said that in Spain, about 1/3 of people suffering from some allergies, and the number of people suffering from allergies are increasing year by year. According to Spanish official data, about 2% to 5% of casualties caused by traffic accidents are related to the driver's allergies. In March 31st, at the Berlin state art exhibition in Germany, two German artists show their "Yin and Yang" series of works. The two month old Berlin Art Fair opened to the public in April 1st, a total of more than 165 artists in more than 100 independent space for artistic creation. On April 1st, in Czech, on the occasion of a game of jumping events in the track and field event. About 100 rabbits took part in the track and field events including the long jump, high jump and race. According to Central News Agency reports, the British Prime Minister Teresa May said that Britain promised to Gibraltar and will not waver, and in Spain at the southern end of the Gibraltar cooperation, to achieve the best results from the British off the European negotiations. According to Yonhap news agency, the Consulate General of Busan to protest before the statue to commemorate the comfort women returned to China in January 9th the Japanese Ambassador of Changling anzheng, 4 will be returning back to korea. April 2nd, in South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa, the National People's Congress attended the press conference. South African National People's Congress Mbete, 2, said the opposition will oppose the motion of the President Jacob Zuma discussion.
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