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Descriere NBA playoffs continue. Wonderful (go to Buy NBA Live Coins) game, the Union there are a lot of things worthy of attention, the following is today's NBA part of the information: Singles Joe key ball hit the boss Jazz on the road again victory over the Clippers, Jazz veteran Joe - Johnson in the last 20 seconds when the last hit the key back jumper. The ball not only crushed the Clippers last wave of counterattack hope, but also to sit on the sidelines of the jazz boss Broomer playing ignorant. The scene of the camera to capture this picture, when Ballmer saw singles Joe's goal, a face like a deadly life can not love the way, completely Joe - Johnson's performance ignorant. Warriors invited black eight members to watch the second round According to US media news, the 2007 Warriors Black Eight members will be invited to watch the Warriors second round of the game. Byron - Davis, Jason - Richardson, Stephen - Jackson and Al - Harrington are invited by the Warriors. In addition, there have been joined the Warriors Matt - Barnes, these people formed that year that black eight warriors, in the 2007 first round of the playoffs beat the western one seed Mavericks, staged a black eight miracle. Gibson wants to stay in the thunder Thunder away away from the Rockets today to 1-4 after the first round out. Team forward - Gibson will become a free agent this summer, after the game Gibson expressed the hope to stay in the Thunder, "My goal is to stay in the Thunder, I am very willing to stay in the city of Russia, like playing in this team , But have to look at the specific situation. "Gibson is in the middle of the season by the Thunder from the Bulls over the first round of the series he averaged 9.8 points and 3.6 rebounds, is a tough tough guy inside the player The Famous artist Drake will host the NBA Awards According to the US media news, the famous Canadian artist Drake - Graham will preside over the NBA first awards show. June 27, the first NBA awards show will be held in New York, and the official had already said that the awards show will refer to the Oscar ceremony in the form of active players, retired players, coaches and many social celebrities will attend the ceremony, But the party will not be tickets. Including MVP, the best rookie, the best coach, the best defensive player and other important awards, will be announced in the evening. Drake is a famous rapper, or Raptors hardcore fans, and many NBA stars have friendship. Ben - Simmons photo "Call of Duty" 76-person striker Ben Simson updated his IG, the sun with the "Call of Duty" series of the latest game photo, "thanks for the call to show me such a wonderful game, I can not wait." Simmons also wrote The "Call of Duty" in the NBA's new generation of stars is very popular, after the Lakers guard Russell and the sun defender Devin - Buke also play the game together, and in the social media on the map. Ben Simmons is currently recovering in good condition, according to the previous plan will come back next season. KG recording audio to encourage the Green Army According to the US media, former NBA star Kevin - Kevin Garnett personally recorded an audio to encourage the Celtics. The green army in the lost two home after the morale, followed by the Bulls at home with two games, many players that KG is encouraged to them. KG said that he always has a special feeling of the Celtics, any time the Green Army players need help, he will give their energy to them. KG also specifically encouraged a small Thomas, said the audio is more to (welcome to our NBA Live Coins site give a small Thomas. The Celtics and the Bulls currently the first round of the war into 2-2 level, both sides will be in the TD North Shore Garden Arena tomorrow ushered in the battle of King Mountain.
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