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Titlu Best General Manager Candidate Announcement: He rate the team black eight also into the West decided
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Descriere NHL official today announced the final (click HUT 17 Coins) winners of the 2016-17 season's NHL General Manager of the Year Award: they are: Nashville Predator General Manager David Beller, Senator Ottawa General Manager Pierre - Dorian and Edmonton Oil General Manager Peter - Chiairelli. Introduction: The General Manager of the Year Awarded by the NHL official this year, the best performance of the general manager. In 1993, Brian - Burke took the lead in presenting the concept of this award, but until 2010 the idea was adopted by the Union. During the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals, the league presented this award for the first time at the annual general manager conference. A year later, the league announced the inclusion of the annual general manager award in other major awards awards. Candidate profile: 1. David - Boller (Nashville Marauder), has been selected three times the best general manager award final candidate list (2010 - 2012). Nashville predators this season, the final score of 41 wins and 29 losses, the total score of 94 points ranked fourth in the central partition, the success of the second foreign card as the status of the Western Conference playoff, has now reached the final division. This season is the predator since 13 season since the tenth into the playoffs, the first round of their 4-0 swept the first Western Chicago Black Hawk Black eight successful, second round in six games to solve the St. Louis Blues, team history For the first time into the partition final. Beijing time on June 30 last year, Bole trading defender Xie Yi - Weber for the Canadian defender PK-Souban, and the arrival of the Soviet Union also for the predators of the attack and defense both ends have contributed power. In addition, the season regular season with 31 goals scored 61 points to win the predator team history of the forward Victor - Avidson is also Bolle in the 2014 NBA Draft to 112 times "Amoy" back. 2. Pierre - Dorian (Ottawa Senator), Beijing time on April 11, 2016 to promote the senator general manager. Before he took control of the team's first season, he did a few things: hiring the incumbent coach - Boucher, took the center of Mika from the Rangers for the center Derek - Brasad. During the season, he went to deal with forward Alexander - Barros, Victor - Stahlberg and Tommy - Wenger to increase the team lineup depth. When the Senate to 44 wins and 28 losses, the total score of 98 points in the Atlantic Division second, and since 2007 to return to the Eastern Conference finals. 3. Peter - Chiairei (Edmonton oilers), this season is the second season in which the team is in charge of the oil, the oil people eventually to 47 wins and 26 losses, the total score of 103 points Pacific Division second, and after a lapse of 11 years to return to the Stanley Cup playoffs. It is worth mentioning that this season is also the oil since the 1986-87 season since the first percentage of the season. Before the season, Chiairei from the New Jersey devil deal to Adam - Larsen, and signed the unrestricted free agent Chris - Russell to enhance the team defense, the final effect is remarkable: the oil season only lost 207, Is the lowest value in the 2001-02 season. After a series of operations, Keiarelli was not idle, and he went from Montréal Canadians to deal with David Desa Sass, who scored in the fifth round of the first round of the playoffs and sharks Overtime to save the team. However, after six rounds of the first round, the oil people in the final round and Anaheim ducks in the seven wins and defeats, the end of the season journey. The final ownership of the annual general manager award will be announced on June 22 at the T-Mobile Center in Las Vegas (home new team to join the team next season).
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