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Titlu Treating cooling tower circulation water
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Descriere Treating cooling tower circulation water The second area of physical treatment a cooling tower will typically need is for the circulation water within the tower. Normally some form of side stream filtration is your best bet. This helps keep your cooling tower water free of particles that can build up and foul the cooling tower. By running approximately 10% of the circulated water through the side stream filter, ir-3100 carboxylate-sulfonate-nonion tri-polymer it can be easier to retain a healthy balance of suspended solids that will reduce the particulate fouling of your equipment. A typical side stream filtration unit will usually run you between $50,000 at 100 GPM to $300,000 at 1,000 GPM, depending on the type of filtration needed. In addition to side stream filtration, cooling towers will require chemical treatment additives to maintain the circulation system and control scale, corrosion, and biological fouling. The cost of equipment and chemicals needed for this part of the process would be in addition to the figures mentioned above, so be sure to keep this in mind when calculating the project costs. There are several solutions for this part of the process, so to find out what might be the best solution for your circulation water, reach out to us and set up a call with one of our engineers. You can contact us here.
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