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Titlu Chemicals Calcium hardness.
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Descriere Chemicals Calcium hardness. What exactly are the chemicals you need to use to keep the water in your spa or hot tub clean, clear and bright. Spa chemistry and sanitization. The relative warmth of the water in a spa added to the fact that it is quite a small volume of water compared to a swimming pool means that maintaining the water’s chemical balance and sanitisation is important. The filter will do a certain amount of the work towards clarity but in order to keep the water healthy and pleasant for the bathers and avoid corrosion and damage to the spa itself means looking after the water balance with chemicals. You might not have enjoyed chemistry at school; you might not have understood it. That doesn’t mean that you can’t look after your spa. There is an entire industry dedicated to making it easy for you to enjoy relaxing in your spa and they make a very good job of it. What is off putting is that they have to use words like; sanitise, spa shock, pH and total alkalinity.When people talk about ‘shocking’ their spa or hot tub they are talking about adding a larger than usual dose of chlorine or non-chlorine compounds that will burn off the dead bacteria that have been killed by the sanitisers. If the pH levels get too high then the sanitisers won’t work effectively and the water will become cloudy. High pH will mean that lime scale can form, just like it does in a kettle in hard water areas, and that can damage your pump, your heater element or block your filter. High pH will even cause skin irritation in some cases.homepage
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