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Creat 10-07-2017
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Titlu Fact check: Does FIFA prevent rebounds from landing in no man’s land?
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Descriere Fact check: Does FIFA prevent rebounds from landing in no man’s land? Does boards are prevented by fut 18 coins from landing in no man's property? A recent Reddit article mentioned this report, so we decided to check out it. Inside a recent Reddit post quoted below, redditor raises suspicion about the fact that rebounds very rarely wrap up in no man's land: “They always seem to bounce back directly to an attacker, a defender or out of bounds… They rarely fall in a place where there are no players, very rarely on rebounds from the goalkeeper after a shot, but other types of rebounds just bounce directly to a player. And nope, I don't know a thing about coding, I just think there are some shenanigans with “ball physics” We all previously dealt with similar claims related to deflections and tackles. Yet, we decided that this one was worthy a reality check on it's own. Is there anything fishy going on with rebounds? You cannot find any point in disputing the claim that numerous rebounds conclude with a new player from either side. Nevertheless the fact exclusively just doesn't lead to the conclusion that the must be the product of foul play. As always when considering to FIFA conspiracy theory theories, the supporting data is totally absent. Neither the original post quoted above nor the commentators promoting it make any endeavors to eliminate natural details. The natural explanation that ought to spring to mind is the reality that penalty areas usually are pretty crowded when someone takes a shot.
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