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Away from the catwalk, Gustavsson favorite hobbies make her a dream date for fashion hobbyists, video game geeks, rock music aficionados, and hipsters alike. With a weakness for vintage clothing, she been known to wander the streets of Paris usually the Le Marais district where she can soak up the atmosphere and seek out the perfect vintage outfit. In fact, she's frequently photographed by style bloggers for her standout style.

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Privately held Turbine refuses to reveal the number of actual subscribers, who pay $50 for game software and a monthly subscription fee of around $15. But since each LOTRO subscription lets the player create up to five characters, the game has attracted at least 800,000 subscribers in just four months. That would give Turbine, and its publishing partner Midway Games Inc. of Chicago, subscription revenue of at least $12 million a month or $144 million a year, plus $40 million for the game software sold so far.

Warriors in Worlds of Warcraft is more than your standard damage absorbing, agro holding tank role class like it is in many other MMORPG. Warriors in WoW are able to take on 2 different roles, one is your traditional tanking role, the other being DPS role. Generally speaking Warriors are amazing at both roles, and which role you want to play all depends on which talent spec you choose to go.

"It's like in the real world in the real world there are people that try to cheat and last month alone we banned 100,000 accounts for illegal gold trading or cheating in the game, and it's very important for us to keep a fair gaming environment," said Itzik Ben Bassat, from Blizzard, the company which created the game.

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