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Creat 09-08-2017
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Titlu What is FIFA 17 mobile game and why you need play it
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Descriere FIFA 17 mobile game is the new title for the new FIFA Franchise for mobile devices. It is an app with which people will be able to enjoy FIFA games on the move on their Android and iOS devices. It is not an update of the existing one but a totally new app. It will be released soon and will come with a myriad of unique features. To say the least it will have over 17,000 players and 617 teams which will pay against each other in 30 leagues. The creators EA believe that this will be one of the most authentic football gaming experience on mobile out there.In live events, the players of fifa 18 fut coins mobile will be able to interact with games being played at the moment all over the world. There will be some cool in-game activities to allow this. There will be different live event challenges held o a daily basis each with different requirements and aims. With frequent updates made to the game, the live events will be up to date. Leagues on the other hand will allow players to interact with others in the game by engaging is various leagues available to join. Players may choose create a league or join an already created one. The limitations of this mode are that the league needs to have not more than 32 members. You are only allowed to play in one league at a time. You will be able to interact with other members of your league through chatting where you can schedule games and so on. League championships and tournaments can also be held in a style the mimics that of the normal leagues. The Season game mode is new and unique to the FIFA 17 mobile. It allows players to play a season schedule against any of the 30 leagues in the game. In Attack mode, the game play will be a unique and exciting asynchronous play addition to mobile football gaming. In this mode you will be playing against an opponent with whom you will take turns and play a game of attack. Your opponent will not be controlling their players when it is your turn to play. When their turn comes the same rules apply. Click Here
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